The Center for Cartoon Studies (CCS) is proud to announce the 9th International Comics and Medicine Conference! 

AUGUST 16-18, 2018

CCS Feature Event on Thursday, August 16, 7pm
Pencil Me In: The Process & Practice of Graphic Medicine  at The Center for Cartoon Studies.    
by faculty Steve Bissette
Location: Briggs Opera House, 5 S Main St, White River Junction
As an instructor at The Center for Cartoon Studies since its founding in 2005, long-time cartoonist/writer/editor/publisher Stephen R. Bissette has been privileged to witness (and, at times, participate in) the creative process of various cartoonists as they created work that focused on their own personal health issues and histories. Bissette offers an illustrated overview of the path, perils, and potential inherent in the creation of such intensely intimate and introspective works.

CCS Feature Event on Friday, August 17, Doors Open at 7:30pm
Carousel Comics with 
Cara Bean
Suzy Becker
MK Czerwiec
Glynnis Fawkes
Ellen Forney
Jennifer Hayden
Mita Mahato
Marissa Moss
James Sturm with Dave Lloyd
Whitney Taylor
Kriota Willberg
Ian Williams
Host: R. Sikoryak

Location: Engine Room, 188 S Main Street, White River Junction

Ill-Conceived and Well-Drawn exhibit, curated by Ellen Forney on display at CCS and Dartmouth Berry Library during the conference!

avatar for Linda Raphael

Linda Raphael

George Washington University
Professor/Dierctor of Medicine and Humanities
Washington,, DC
The first time I presented on teaching comics and medicine was at the inaugural Graphic Medicine Conference in London, 2010. Not only did I meet the terrific gang who have become mainstays of the Graphic Medicine community, but learned about texts I did not know, and began to develop some theoretical concepts about graphic texts. Although I was prepared to push on this year with another theoretical paper, building on some ideas I have presented before, the Commixclass I am teaching has led me to think about stages in medical education seen through the lens of graphic texts. As it turns out, the MS IV elective, which is not a course on graphic texts, has revealed some impirtant matters about the way a graphic text may intersect with medical-student stages. The particular text is canonical in the world of Graphic Medicine - Brian Fies' Mom's Cancer. The text is often discussed in terms of patients families, and the behaviour of medical proffesionals - this look at it will be from the prespective of graduatiing medical students.