The Center for Cartoon Studies (CCS) is proud to announce the 9th International Comics and Medicine Conference! 

AUGUST 16-18, 2018

CCS Feature Event on Thursday, August 16, 7pm
Pencil Me In: The Process & Practice of Graphic Medicine  at The Center for Cartoon Studies.    
by faculty Steve Bissette
Location: Briggs Opera House, 5 S Main St, White River Junction
As an instructor at The Center for Cartoon Studies since its founding in 2005, long-time cartoonist/writer/editor/publisher Stephen R. Bissette has been privileged to witness (and, at times, participate in) the creative process of various cartoonists as they created work that focused on their own personal health issues and histories. Bissette offers an illustrated overview of the path, perils, and potential inherent in the creation of such intensely intimate and introspective works.

CCS Feature Event on Friday, August 17, Doors Open at 7:30pm
Carousel Comics with 
Cara Bean
Suzy Becker
MK Czerwiec
Glynnis Fawkes
Ellen Forney
Jennifer Hayden
Mita Mahato
Marissa Moss
James Sturm with Dave Lloyd
Whitney Taylor
Kriota Willberg
Ian Williams
Host: R. Sikoryak

Location: Engine Room, 188 S Main Street, White River Junction

Ill-Conceived and Well-Drawn exhibit, curated by Ellen Forney on display at CCS and Dartmouth Berry Library during the conference!

Thursday, August 16

4:00pm EDT

6:00pm EDT

7:00pm EDT

Friday, August 17

8:00am EDT

9:00am EDT

10:20am EDT

Cartoonist Behind the Curtain: Working in Psychopharmaceutical Advertising as a Closeted Mental Patient and Living to Draw the Tale Briggs Opera HouseIan Williams • Rachel Lindsay Communicating the External Beam Radiation Experience (CeBrE): A Graphic Narrative-Based Patient Education Tool CCS - Post OfficeJuliet M McMullin • Brian Callender, MD Completion Talk: 'The Lady Doctor' Briggs Opera HouseIan Williams Connecting the Dots: Evaluating the Use of Graphic Medicine to Empower Patient-Centered Technology Use CCS - Post OfficeJuliet M McMullin • Jacqueline Nichols Drawing From the Hole-Side of Your Brain: Is it Art or Occupational Therapy? Briggs Opera HouseIan Williams • Suzy Becker Gyn Warrior Princess, Lily's Story CCS - Post OfficeJuliet M McMullin • Arlene Smalls Making Chaos Work Briggs Opera HouseIan Williams • John Swogger • Liesl Swogger Mapping a Graphic Dissertation Briggs Opera HouseIan Williams Mood Thermometer: Not Just Measuring, but Healing CCS - Post OfficeJuliet M McMullin • Gina Jiang Ovarian Cancer Vixen? Briggs Opera HouseIan Williams • Martha Stoddard Holmes Trans*'Pataphysics Briggs Opera HouseIan Williams • Morgan Sea “Comics? Like Superman?” Introducing a Hospital Community to Graphic Medicine Through the Work of MK Czerwiec CCS - Post OfficeJuliet M McMullin • Leah Eisenberg All is Not Well: Bridging the Academy and Creative Practice to Make Care Giving Count Through a Graphic Medicine Project CATV StudiosSusan Squier • Ryan Prout Beyond Medicine: The Use of Comics in Science Communication CATV StudiosSusan Squier • Matteo Farinella Graphic Trauma: Drawing as Working Through Sexual Violence CCS - ColodnyKurt Shaffert • Lisa Diedrich Mamaloshen: A Visual Exploration of Transgenerational Trauma CCS - ColodnyKurt Shaffert • Rumi Clinton Trauma, Graphic Medicine, and Collective Healing CCS - ColodnyKurt Shaffert • Courtney Donovan • Ebru Ustundag

12:00pm EDT

1:20pm EDT

3:10pm EDT

Graphic Medicine Elective for Early Medical Student Enrichment Briggs Opera HouseElise Dietrich • Lara Ronan Medical and Physician Assistant Students’ Views on Integrating Comics Into Medical Education Briggs Opera HouseElise Dietrich • Amani Elghafri Teaching Comics and Medicine in a Liberal Arts Curriculum Briggs Opera HouseElise Dietrich • Soha Bayoumi Teaching Evidence Based Medicine and Anatomy Using Comics and Drawings Briggs Opera HouseElise Dietrich • Stefan Tigges The Ways Graphic Medicine Works in a Pharmacy School Briggs Opera HouseElise Dietrich • Jessica Gross Why Medical Education Needs Graphic Medicine Briggs Opera HouseElise Dietrich • Michael Natter Comics in Public Health Education: An Egyptian Experience CCS - ColodnyDana Walrath • Mahmoud Shalout Community-Created Comics in a Creative Campaign Working to Raise Awareness and Address Stigma Regarding HIV/AIDs CCS - Post OfficeMichael Green • Ariela Pomputius How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Robot Doctor CCS - Post OfficeMichael Green • Juhan Sonin Redlined – An Examination of the Impact of Racialized Social Policies of the Past on the Present and Future State of Health Outcomes in Kansas City CCS - ColodnyDana Walrath • Jennifer Appell • Matthew Fox • Jerry Jones • Donna Young Visualizing Medical Challenges: Social Functions and Visual Styles of Medical Manga CCS - Post OfficeMichael Green • Kotaro • Nakagaki Visualizing Symptoms, Sensations and Stories: Trends in How People Picture Their Health CCS - Post OfficeMichael Green • Katie McCurdy Western Graphic Images for Maya Health, Healing, Disease: What Got Lost in Translation? CCS - ColodnyDana Walrath • Susan Fitzpatrick Behrens Field Work: Outside Graphic Medicine Newberry MarketplaceMita Mahato

5:00pm EDT

6:00pm EDT

7:30pm EDT

Saturday, August 18

8:00am EDT

8:30am EDT

9:00am EDT

10:45am EDT

A Recluse Created a Community to Plan Her Timely Death: A Graphic Memoir Dartmouth: Kemeny Hall - 006Lara Ronan • Pat Arnow Drawing with Dreamers and Spanish Heritage Speakers - Creating a Community of Memory Dartmouth: Kemeny Hall - 006Lara Ronan • Laissa Rodriguez From Writer to Thumbnailer to (?) Author/Artist Dartmouth: Kemeny Hall - 006Lara Ronan • Cynthia Clark Harvey Patients Co-Creating Comics: A Workshop for Patients to Tell Their Stories with Their Providers Dartmouth: Kemeny Hall - 006Lara Ronan • Brian Callender, MD • Kathryn West People with Dementia and Creating a Comic From Their Own Perspective Dartmouth: Kemeny Hall - 006Lara Ronan • Cathy Leamy "I Thought I Had Already Dealt with That": Creating Comics for Cancer Symptom Management Dartmouth: Moore Hall - B03Michelle F. Scheurich • Juliet McMullin Collaborating on a Graphic Medicine Novel: Flows in an Ecosystem of Production Dartmouth: Kemeny Hall - 105Elise Dietrich • Lisbeth Frølunde Exploring the Use of Graphic Pathographies with Healthcare Providers: A Mixed-Methods Study Using *My Degeneration* Dartmouth: Kemeny Hall - 105Elise Dietrich • Michael D. F. Goldenberg • Michael Green • Kimberly R. Myers Illuminating the Space Between Process and Product in Graphic Narratives Dartmouth: Kemeny Hall - 105Elise Dietrich • Stef Lenk Postcards From the Oasis: Bridging "The Gap" Between Lab Medicine and Patient Care Dartmouth: Kemeny Hall - 105Elise Dietrich • Justin Kreuter • Theresa Malin Synergistic Breakthroughs in the SAW Working Group’s Graphic Memoirs Collaboration Dartmouth: Moore Hall - B03Michelle F. Scheurich • Elvis Bakaitis • Elizabeth Kadetsky The Pirate Ship: Collaboratively Creating Comics About Homelessness Dartmouth: Moore Hall - B03Michelle F. Scheurich • Katy Finch Working Collaboratively to Create a Local Public Health Comics Identity Dartmouth: Moore Hall - B03Michelle F. Scheurich • Alexandra Alberda Mapping the Body Dartmouth: Kemeny Hall - 007Dana Walrath

12:15pm EDT

2:00pm EDT

4:00pm EDT

6:00pm EDT

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